What is WooCommerce?

Woocommerce Website Development Company in Chennai . WooCommerce is a free plugin or functional extension for adding e-commerce functionality to your website. It has around three hundred extensions for adding functions to your WordPress website. WooCommerce can create an online store and sell a variety of products and services.We are recognized as the top notch Woocommerce development Company in Chennai,

What Does WooCommerce Do?

With hundreds of WooCommerce functionalities, you can easily get started with your e-commerce store. Simply it offers Easy installation, Setup, and Integration. WooCommerce is by far the best designed and most popular eCommerce plugin for WordPress.
Installation – WooCommerce plugin installation is the same as any other plugin installation. Find the plugin in the WordPress dashboard and activate it.
Setup- Once you install the plugin, the setup wizard will guide with series of steps for setting your online store.
Integration – WooCommerce plugin works well with WordPress themes. Since it is compatible with WordPress, you can select any theme.

Feature-packed Shopping Cart

With this feature, you can keep track of visitor’s checkout process from start to end. This can also help you to convert the visitor into customers.
Payment Gateways – WooCommerce has an option for accepting cheques, cash on delivery, credit cards, debit cards or any other payment modes.
Geo-Location and Automatic Taxes – There is a special function of turning on your geo-location and automatic taxes. This will show the correct price including tax to your customers.
Customizable Checkout Process – WooCommerce will control the checkout process completely from start to finish. You can also set your checkout flow URL’s.
Default Currency – This plugin also provides a wide range of existing currencies for letting the customer to select the currency which they prefer.
Redirect Cart – This option will redirect the customer to the cart, as soon as the product is added by the customer.

Is WooCommerce Right for Your Online Store?

Yes! WooCommerce is a right choice for your Online Store. Let’s see how it helps an online store. For customizing your storefront, WooCommerce renders a full range of customizing options for the user interface. Get the core features & structured admin setting from WooCommerce to manage and improve your storefront. It also integrates all your necessary content to conserve your time and energy in content.
Now, start documenting your website requirements such as functionality, theme, support, etc. Then compare your checklist with WooCommerce functions and get the right answer by yourself.
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