What is a Static & Dynamic Website?

What is a Static website ?

In simple words, the static website does not need any external database. The static website is completely written in HTML and CSS without scripting. The same information will be seen by all the visitors.

Importance of Static Website:

  • The static website can be accomplished in less time.
  • Cost of the static website can be less and suitable for businesses running short of money.
  • For static website, you can get the dedicated server at affordable price.
  • Since the static website includes a series of HTML and CSS code, it can be easily indexed in search engines.
  • The processing time of static website is less, due to easy transfer from server to client.

What is a Dynamic Website?

On the other hand, the Dynamic Website includes HTML and CSS along with server-side scripting language. In dynamic website, the information gets changed based on the visitor's search.

Importance of Dynamic Website:

  • It is easy to update and change the dynamic website.
  • The interactive interface is an added advantage of a dynamic website.
  • A dynamic website is highly recommended for e-commerce sites and shopping portals.
  • When the website is designed in a classic way, it is can be maintained easily by anyone.
  • The dynamic website is very responsive to different screen sizes.
  • It can navigate a user from one page to another without any interruption.

Difference between Static website and Dynamic Website ?

  • The static website is difficult to alter. This is because it requires changes to be done manually. In dynamic website, the changes are made automatically in the server-side.
    It is difficult to upgrade static website. Upgrading dynamic website is quite simple.
  • The Static website content is the same most of the time. But the dynamic website content changes according to the visitor's search.
  • To change the content on a static website, you need to upload it on the server several times. Therefore the dynamic website has some features to change content easily with the server application.
  • The design of a static website is simple. One can easily create a static website. However, the design of a dynamic website is complex. Eventually, this requires professionals to create and manage.
  • You can directly run the static website on the browser. This needs simple HTML and CSS coding. On the other hand, the dynamic website must be run the app on the server. It needs scripting language such as PHP, ASP, JSP, or Coldfusion.
  • The loading speed of the static website is less when compared to a dynamic website. This is because Basic HTML can be loaded in minimum time.
  • An external database is required for the dynamic website while this is not needed for a static website.