Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy 

As everyone is concerned with privacy, SM Web Technologies’ foremost privacy policy is here. Also, we don’t sell, rent or publish any of your data without your consent. We respect and value each of your time towards us. In return, we are in a commitment with you in protecting the privacy of yours in all ways. We have our ethics and everyone in SM Web Technology is following it without any change. To know more about our privacy policy, continue your reading. Our set of policies may change at any time without any notice, to keep updated, you’re requested to review it less often. Our privacy policy also covers the domains and sub-domains of SM Web Technologies Pvt Ltd. By visiting our website, it is understood that you agree to the terms and conditions of the privacy policy, else not. In case of any registrations with us, your details such as name, phone number, email address, etc. remain with us only. We never share any of your details with anyone without a valid reason.

Information We Collect:

We are collecting your personal information only for these 2 reasons. The first one for to process your order or request and the second one is to assist you with the best possible services forever. We also have data collection devices such as “cookies” on our pages to analyze our customers’ page flow, involvement, the effectiveness of the events, and so on. The original purpose of the cookies is to upgrade our website wherever it is required. However, you may notice our website has some third-party links on our web page. All the external links are to ease you in purchasing products online easily. Clicking on a third-party website link will take you to their website and we’re not responsible for any such involvements you make on their website. Sometimes we use your IP address to track and diagnose the issues if you have any. On the other side, there is a high chance of collecting personal information when tracking ID.

Mobile Privacy:

All our services are even optimized in mobile to ease you at all corners. The same policies
we follow when it comes to mobile privacy. This privacy policy is common for all types of
mobile applications as well as for mobile-optimized websites.

Children’s Privacy:

Our services, tools, accessibility, and others are strictly not for children who are under the
age of 18 due to the safety of children.

Your Privacy is our Commitment:

SM Web Technologies is extremely happy in offering great services without any loss of
privacy. We value and respect the way you trust us. We will continue our hard work and
earn your confidence. We want you to be enthusiastic while using our services or when you
even recommend us to your family, friends, and more.