The E-book is an electronic book that can be read on the computer, mobile device or any electronic device. This has become popular among readers because of easy access, convenient and cost-effective. On the other hand publishing, an E-book requires low investment, and one can build a stronger global customer. Get it done with our combination of experienced and young team, who has a comprehensive understanding of the evolution of the pre-press and publishing industry.  .

Advantages of E-Book

  • E-books are available instantaneously. The user can purchase, download and start reading them within minutes.
  • E-book occupies less space. You do not need any space to store them.
  • E-books are portable. You can carry hundreds of books with you, on CD, on a laptop, notebook or any e-book reader.
  • E-books can be interactive. This may include audio, video, and animations for enhancing the message that the author is trying to convey.
  • The user can also resize the E-book in the preferred format.

What we do @ SM web Technologies?

With the increase in the demand for eBooks publications, we can quickly convert the Hardcopy of your book into E-Book. We offer optimized features such as focus views, full-page zoom, embedded media, and animations in our e-Book. Our subject-matter experts will assist you in identifying the right technology for your content. Sequentially, we will render a smart digital content solution for publishing your E-Book.